Team Members

Applied Medical invests in its team members globally through a variety of offerings ranging from extensive health and wellness benefits to training and educational opportunities – all in an effort to better serve our teams who, in turn, serve our customers and our communities.

Investing in Quality Healthcare Benefits

As a healthcare company, we understand the importance of providing quality medical insurance. To this end, we invest millions of dollars annually in insurance premiums for our team members and their families.

Promoting Lifelong Learning

For team members interested in continuing their training and education, we offer a variety of internal education programs. We also offer tuition reimbursement for those looking to expand their education outside of Applied Medical.

Connecting Team Members to Enriching Programs and Resources

Applied Medical offers dozens of programs and resources for team members. Our Family Resource Center at our U.S. headquarters supports team members and their families through community resources, workshops and support groups, and helpful tips and information.

Making a Difference Together Worldwide

At Applied Medical, more than 5,000 team members across the globe work together collaboratively to make a meaningful, positive difference in healthcare and the world around us.