As a medical device manufacturer, Applied Medical is dedicated to developing innovative products that improve patient outcomes and enable the advancement of minimally invasive surgery.

Supporting Hospitals in Providing Quality Patient Care

Each year, thousands of hospitals worldwide use Applied Medical devices to care for patients.

Satisfying All of Healthcare's Fundamental Needs

Applied Medical is guided by our dedication to satisfying all of healthcare’s most fundamental needs – cost containment, enhanced clinical outcomes and unrestricted choice. By making high-quality surgical care more affordable, we’re also making minimally invasive surgery more accessible to a greater number of patients across the globe.

Reducing the Risk of Surgical Site Infections

As the leading provider of wound protectors, we are helping to reduce surgical site infection (SSI) and improve patient outcomes. Currently, 2 to 5 percent of patients undergoing inpatient surgery will develop an SSI, but multiple studies have demonstrated that the use of a wound protector decreases patients’ risk of infection.

Investing in Surgical Training to Improve Patient Outcomes

At Applied Medical, we invest in training surgeons on minimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques, which have been demonstrated to improve patient outcomes. In fact, thousands of healthcare professionals attend Applied-supported courses, workshops or symposiums each year to further their skills and increase patient care.