As a leading provider of breakthrough technologies, Applied Medical develops products that meet both the clinical and economic needs of our hospital customers around the world.

Delivering Surgical Devices to Hospitals Globally

Applied Medical manufactures more than 21 million surgical devices annually for our customers around the world, helping us deliver on our mission of making a meaningful, positive difference in healthcare.

Manufacturing Product Components In-house

About 489 million individual product components are produced by Applied Medical each year between our Southern California and Amersfoort advanced manufacturing facilities.

Responsibly Providing Affordable,
High‑Quality Medical Devices

We are able to achieve our mission of delivering high-quality healthcare more affordably through our vertically integrated business model. This allows us to control every step of the manufacturing process, which in turn allows us to greatly impact our costs and quality, responsibly. As part of that commitment to quality, we are able to trace back every material and substance used in our products.

Leading the Way for Change in Healthcare

Applied Medical’s economic impact goes beyond our own low device prices. While competitive device makers historically increased their prices year-over-year without significant innovation introductions, as Applied Medical grew to become the market leader in categories, those same competitors were pressured to lower their device pricing in an effort to try to retain market share. This pricing drive back is known as “The Applied Effect” and has resulted in savings in the U.S. healthcare market of more than $4.7 billion since 2010.