The Voyant Maryland Fusion devices effectively seal vessels up to and including 7mm in diameter and tissue bundles in laparoscopic and open procedures. They deliver radio-frequency energy to tissue captured between the jaws and divide sealed tissue with a user-actuated blade. In laparoscopic applications, the devices are designed for use with 5mm-or-larger trocars.

Product Overview

Maryland Fusion Device
with Single‑Step Activation

Spring-Loaded Handle Lever
with Inset Fuse Activation Button

Increases user efficiency by reducing the steps required for energy activation.

Opens automatically when released.

Maryland Fusion Device
(Latching Handle)

Spring-Loaded Handle Lever
with Latch

Reduces hand fatigue by maintaining closure of the handle while the user presses the fuse activation button.

Opens automatically when unlatched.

Features and Benefits

Single-Action, Curved, Tapered Jaw
with Dissecting Tips

Aids in tracking the contour of anatomical structures, visualizing the tips of the jaw, and optimizing control during tissue dissection.

Produces a seal length of 20mm and a cut length of 18mm.

Unrestricted Shaft Rotation

Allows for continuous, 360-degree rotation to facilitate accurate jaw placement.

Blade Lever

Transects tissue with a mechanical blade.

Device Shaft

Available in lengths of 23, 37 and 44 centimeters.

Device Key
with Embedded Intelligence

Optimizes energy delivery for procedural needs.

Collects and stores activation data for the purpose of learning from live human tissue.

Enables efficient implementation of algorithm updates and delivery of the most advanced technology with each handpiece. Click to learn more


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