• "I believe our products and the innovation Applied Medical has brought to healthcare provide each patient with the best clinical outcome for their procedure. Because of this, I truly feel I am making a difference in each one of their lives."

    Tiffany G. - Team Member Since 2012

  • "Applied Medical is unique as I believe we put doing business the 'right way' ahead of profits. Our goal is to lower the cost of healthcare, and everything we do, from our business philosophy to our practice of vertical integration, points to that mission."

    Brian M. - Team Member Since 2010

  • "When I was looking to join Applied, I was seeking a company that could offer me a long-term rewarding career and not just a 'job' to hold me over until the next 'job' came around. With over seven years and an endless future with Applied, I can truly say this is my ideal career."

    Kristin D. - Team Member Since 2009

  • "The most rewarding aspect of my job is having a direct impact on patients' outcomes. Some of the conversations with surgeons are difficult, but helping people motivates me to work harder everyday on this rollercoaster ride that is a sales career."

    Peter S. - Team Member Since 2015

  • "During my time at Applied, they've allowed me to work in locations all over the world including the U.K. and Australia. Who could ask for a better job? Applied is a wonderful company to work for."

    Timothy S. - Team Member Since 2002

  • "At Applied, I have been afforded the opportunity to work in several positions from Assistant Territory Manager to Territory Manager to District Manager Associate. Each position is truly satisfying, especially knowing that I am part of a team that is impacting others by helping to make healthcare more affordable."

    Natashia F. - Team Member Since 2007

  • "I began working for Applied right out of college in the Sales Associate Program. I have since moved on to become a Territory Manager. The quality of training I received at Applied has not only been instrumental to my growth as a sales professional, but it has also demonstrated the level of dedication Applied has to its team members."

    Quinn E. - Team Member Since 2013

  • "If you want a rewarding career in which you can have an impact on the ever-changing healthcare world, while having the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, then Applied Medical is for you."

    Ed R. - Team Member Since 1995

  • "What I love most about my job is having the responsibility to represent our amazing and inspiring company. From the unique technology our engineers have created, to the millions of dollars saved in various markets, Applied Medical is making positive changes in healthcare and I love being part of the process."

    Tori B. - Team Member Since 2015

  • "Applied is different from other companies because we innovate to the customers' benefit and then pass along the savings to them. We deliver both great products and savings!"

    Jerry J. - Team Member Since 2000