• “I put in my application to Applied Medical because I wanted to work for a manufacturing company that was a global leader in market share and had a positive impact in the world. Applied Medical always makes sure that we are doing everything we can to make a meaningful, positive difference in the lives of those we come in contact with. There’s not a better feeling than being able to see your products and company making a noticeable difference in the world and the community around you.”

    Alan M. - Team Member Since 2016

  • “Each team member drives their professional advancement here at Applied Medical. We are all given a sense of autonomy to lead our own projects, which leaves it up to us to guide our growth. I started as an Operations Associate and was given the opportunity to act as a Team Leader of a manufacturing line. Now, I am a Training Coordinator for the Operations Leadership Program, where I can educate other Operations Associates.”

    Huda F. - Team Member Since 2014

  • “Applied Medical is one heart, one team. I value our diversified culture and delivery of affordable, lifesaving products to customers around the world. I have learned and gained so much from working here.”

    Vincent N. - Team Member Since 2016

  • “I’ve been with Applied Medical since 2011 and it has been the most rewarding experience! The environment is positive and provides many opportunities for team members to grow within multiple areas of the business. I love being a part of the team and making a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.”

    Christa A. - Team Member Since 2011

  • “Applied Medical is a company that transforms good to great and first class to world class. If you want to make a difference, this is the place where you can make it happen.”

    Lincoln S. - Team Member Since 2005

  • “Our culture and our education is what make Applied Medical unique. We do what’s right even when it’s not the easy thing to do and we consistently provide training and educational classes for team members throughout all levels of the organization. We invest in our future!”

    Kimberly L. - Team Member Since 2016

  • “I love that each day I have the opportunity to learn something new and apply that knowledge to making a positive difference, not only within the company, but for our customers and patients as well. Even after several years, there is always a new process or skill that can be learned, whether it is in a classroom setting, cross-functional team meeting or on the shop floor. This all comes with the excitement of working for a growing company with endless opportunities.”

    Derrick H. - Team Member Since 2014

  • “Applied Medical is a new generation medical device company. Applied is all about saving lives and making the highest quality of products as well as ensuring that anyone and everyone can receive healthcare at an affordable price.”

    Aaron K. - Team Member Since 2016