Testimonials From Our Engineering Team

  • "My favorite part about working at Applied Medical is the company's emphasis on lifelong learning. Applied provides countless opportunities for engineering team members to learn and grow. They aren't afraid to let you get your hands dirty!"

    Tim H. - Team Member Since 2015

  • "Applied is unique because of its numerous product lines. As engineers we have access to specialists in the many different aspects of a product's life cycle. From the very beginning of an idea to watching surgeons use our products to help improve or save patient's lives, every step in the process is an important one and it gives us a chance to make a difference."

    Jacob F. - Team Member Since 2006

  • "I value my time at Applied. I have learned and gained so much and after 11 years I am still as motivated as I was when I first walked in the door. I would recommend anybody who has interest in medical devices to work at Applied Medical, and I have! I have friends working at Applied that are here because I always talk about how great it is to work here."

    Sean K. - Team Member Since 2005

  • "The most rewarding part of my job as an engineer on the trocar team is being able to see how the products I help develop have a positive impact in healthcare and improve outcomes for our patients."

    Taylor G. - Team Member Since 2015

  • "Applied provides support in the form of amazing facilities and resources that enable us to design products, tools and processes."

    Steve K. - Team Member Since 2005

  • "With Applied's vertically integrated business model, there are so many opportunities to be hands on and involved in product manufacturing from start to finish. I'm constantly learning and growing and I've been here for 6 years."

    Laura C. - Team Member Since 2010

  • "It's such a positive experience to work with engineering team members dedicated to delivering innovation and quality. I consider myself fortunate to contribute on this talented and conscientious team."

    Larry B. - Team Member Since 2012

  • "I value the Applied culture where everyone is friendly and we are all on the same team to make products that save lives. It feels good to work for a company that cares about all the team members and works together for a great cause."

    Andrew H. - Team Member Since 2010