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The Stealth system provides superior traction and reduced occlusion force through a variety of low-profile clamp, insert and clip configurations.

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Clamps Clips Inserts


Reorder #DescriptionHandle AngleOverall LengthJaw AngleJaw LengthJaw SizeQty
A3201Femoral, renal and carotid procedures15°6.5"Straight30mmSize 11
A3202Femoral, renal and carotid procedures25°6"60°30mmSize 11
A3203Femoral, iliac and carotid procedures15°7"Straight45mmSize 21
A3204Femoral, iliac and carotid procedures15°7"34°45mmSize 21
A3205Femoral, iliac and carotid proceduresStraight6.5"65°45mmSize 21
A3206Femoral, iliac and carotid procedures15°6.5"65°45mmSize 21
A3207Abdominal aortic procedures10°11.5"Straight60mmSize 31
A3208Abdominal aortic procedures15°10"60°60mmSize 31
A3209Abdominal aortic procedures35°10"60°60mmSize 31
A3210Abdominal aortic procedures35°10"Bahnson60mmSize 31
A3211Abdominal aortic and iliac procedures60°10.5"Wylie60mmSize 31
A3212Aortic cross clamp procedures15°12"Straight90mmSize 51
A3213Aortic cross clamp procedures35°11"60°90mmSize 51
A3214Aortic cross clamp procedures35°10.5"Bahnson90mmSize 51
A3215Aortic partial occlusion15°7"Sidebite50mmSmall1
A3216Aortic partial occlusion45°8"Sidebite75mmMedium1
A3219Abdominal aortic procedures35°8.5"Bahnson60mmSize 31
A3220Aortic cross clamp procedures35°9"Bahnson90mmSize 51
A3221Femoral, iliac and carotid procedures8.5°7"Debakey45mmSize 21
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
A1601latis / latis clips6mm (1/2 Force)10
A1602latis / latis clips6mm (1/4 Force)10
A1603latis / latis clips6mm (3/4 Force)10
A1652Soft/Fibra clips6mm (1/2 Force)10
A1654Soft/Fibra clips6mm (1/4 Force)10
A1650Soft/Fibra clips6mm (3/4 Force)10
A1604Soft/Soft clips6mm (3/4 Force)10
A3200Stealth Surgical Spring Clip Applicator 1
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
A0G11Fibra/Fibra inserts30mm (#1)10
A0G12Fibra/Fibra inserts45mm (#2)10
A0G13Fibra/Fibra inserts60mm (#3)10
A0G14Fibra/Fibra inserts90mm (#5)10
A0G05Fibra/Fibra insertsSmall side-bite10
A0G06Fibra/Fibra insertsMedium side-bite10
A0G01Soft/Fibra inserts30mm (#1)10
A0G02Soft/Fibra inserts45mm (#2)10
A0G03Soft/Fibra inserts60mm (#3)10
A0G04Soft/Fibra inserts90mm (#5)10
A0C01latis / latis inserts30mm (#1)10
A0C02latis / latis inserts45mm (#2)10
A0C03latis / latis inserts60mm (#3)10
A0C04latis / latis inserts90mm (#5)10
A0C05latis / latis insertsSmall side-bite10
A0C06latis / latis insertsMedium side-bite10
A0A01Soft/Traction inserts30mm (#1)10
A0A02Soft/Traction inserts45mm (#2)10
A0A03Soft/Traction inserts60mm (#3)10
A0A04Soft/Traction inserts90mm (#5)10
A0A11Soft/Soft inserts30mm (#1)10
A0A12Soft/Soft inserts45mm (#2)10
A0A13Soft/Soft inserts60mm (#3)10
A0A14Soft/Soft inserts90mm (#5)10