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Silhouette Ureteral Stents

Featuring breakthrough coil-reinforced technology, Silhouette ureteral stents offer maximum compression resistance combined with ease of placement, enhanced flow and exceptional patient tolerance.

Clinically proven to provide superior extrinsic compression resistance, the Silhouette stent may enhance outcomes in patients with malignant ureteral obstruction. Silhouette stents have also been shown to resist kinking and maintain intraluminal flow. Ref

The Silhouette stent’s unique wall construction creates a 30% greater inner lumen diameter to maximize intraluminal flow, while maintaining a minimal outer diameter to enhance extraluminal flow. Ref


Pediatric Ureteral Stent with UroWIRE Guidewire
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
B3883Pediatric Ureteral Stent with UroWIRE Guidewire4F x 8cm1
B3884Pediatric Ureteral Stent with UroWIRE Guidewire4F x 10cm1
B3885Pediatric Ureteral Stent with UroWIRE Guidewire4F x 12cm1
Comfort Ureteral Stent
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
B3829Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 10cm1
B3830Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 12cm1
B3831Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 14cm1
B3832Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 16cm1
B3833Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 18cm1
B3834Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 20cm1
B3835Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 22cm1
B3836Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 24cm1
B3837Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 26cm1
B3838Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 28cm1
B3839Comfort Ureteral Stent4.6F x 30cm1
B3827Comfort Multi-Length Ureteral Stent4.6F x 22-30cm1
XtraFlo Ureteral Stent
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
B3849XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 10cm1
B3850XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 12cm1
B3851XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 14cm1
B3852XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 16cm1
B3853XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 18cm1
B3854XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 20cm1
B3855XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 22cm1
B3856XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 24cm1
B3857XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 26cm1
B3858XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 28cm1
B3859XtraFlo Ureteral Stent6F x 30cm1
B3847XtraFlo Multi-Length Ureteral Stent6F x 22-30cm1
Scaffold Ureteral Stent
Reorder #DescriptionSizeQty
B3870Scaffold Ureteral Stent8F x 14cm1
B3871Scaffold Ureteral Stent8F x 16cm1
B3872Scaffold Ureteral Stent8F x 18cm1
B3873Scaffold Ureteral Stent8F x 20cm1
B3874Scaffold Ureteral Stent8F x 22cm1
B3875Scaffold Ureteral Stent8F x 24cm1
B3876Scaffold Ureteral Stent8F x 26cm1
B3877Scaffold Ureteral Stent8F x 28cm1
B3878Scaffold Ureteral Stent8F x 30cm1
B3869Scaffold Multi-Length Ureteral Stent8F x 22-30cm1