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Forté Ureteral Access Sheaths

Forté ureteral access sheaths provide a continuous working channel, simplifying ureteroscopic procedures and protecting the ureter during multiple instrument exchanges.

In addition to facilitating the navigation of tortuous anatomy, Forté sheaths have been clinically proven to protect the urinary system, reduce O.R. time, eliminate the need for balloon dilators and aid in washing out stone fragments.Ref


Forté AXP Ureteral Access Sheath
Reorder #DescriptionOD DilatorOD SheathLengthQty
B7266Size 110F12F20cm6
B7276Size 110F12F28cm6
B7216Size 110F12F35cm6
B7296Size 110F12F45cm6
B7286Size 110F12F55cm6
B7066Size 210F14F20cm6
B7076Size 212F14F28cm6
B7016Size 212F14F35cm6
B7096Size 212F14F45cm6
B7086Size 212F14F55cm6
B7166Size 314F16F20cm6
B7176Size 314F16F28cm6
B7116Size 314F16F35cm6
Forté HD Ureteral Access Sheath
Reorder #DescriptionOD DilatorOD SheathLengthQty
B7267Size 110F12F20cm6
B7277Size 110F12F28cm6
B7217Size 110F12F35cm6
B7297Size 110F12F45cm6
B7287Size 110F12F55cm6
B7067Size 212F14F20cm6
B7077Size 212F14F28cm6
B7017Size 212F14F35cm6
B7097Size 212F14F45cm6
B7087Size 212F14F55cm6
B7167Size 314F16F20cm6
B7177Size 314F16F28cm6
B7117Size 314F16F35cm6
Forté Plus Deflecting Renal Access Sheath
Reorder #DescriptionOD DilatorOD SheathLengthQty
B7331Deflecting Sheath10F14F35cm1
B7341Deflecting Sheath10F14F55cm1