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PRODUCT LAUNCH: Inzii 12/15mm Retrieval System

May - Applied Medical introduces the latest addition to the Inzii retrieval system product line. The Inzii 12/15mm retrieval system features a 1600ml bag designed for use through Kii 12mm or larger ports, providing utmost versatility and maximizing introduction port options. Similar to the other Inzii retrieval systems, this new addition also features the GuideBead to allow reopening and closure of the bag, facilitating multiple specimen retrieval.

MEDIA FEATURE: Outpatient Magazine Highlights the Latest Advancements in Minimally Invasive Surgery

May - The Inzii universal retrieval system was featured in Outpatient Surgery Magazine as one of "The Latest Advancements in Minimally Invasive Surgery." Dr. Paul Curcillo highlights "Applied Medical's offering of a 10mm bag in a 5mm shaft, which minimizes the need to add larger ports just for specimen extraction and provides a nice transition for surgeons who want to start operating through smaller incisions."

Read the full article by Dr. Paul Curcillo, starting on page 52.


January - Applied Medical presents the Total 5mm Solution, the first complete 5mm approach to minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery using all 5mm trocars and instruments including the Inzii universal retrieval system, the Kii balloon blunt tip system, and the Epix universal clip applier. This comprehensive suite of enabling technologies allows surgeons to perform many laparoscopic surgeries through a 5mm approach.