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January - Applied Medical presents the Total 5mm Solution, the first complete 5mm approach to minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery using all 5mm trocars and instruments including the Inzii universal retrieval system, the Kii balloon blunt tip system, and the Epix universal clip applier. This comprehensive suite of enabling technologies allows surgeons to perform many laparoscopic surgeries through a 5mm approach.


PRODUCT LAUNCH: Alexis Laparoscopic System with Kii Fios First Entry

Alexis Laparoscopic System

September - Applied Medical introduces the Alexis laparoscopic system, which enables a laparoscopic approach before and after specimen retrieval. The Alexis laparoscopic system consists of the Alexis O wound protector/retractor, which provides 360° of circumferential protection and retraction, a laparoscopic cap which maintains pneumoperitoneum, and a 12x100mm Kii Fios first entry that can be used as the first stick to insufflate with only 3mm penetration into the peritoneum.


PRODUCT LAUNCH: Kii Z-Thread Cannula

January - Applied Medical introduces the Kii Z-Thread cannula, its latest trocar innovation. The breakthrough design of the Kii Z-thread cannula combines the benefits of two kinds of cannulas into one device, facilitating laparoscopic procedures and allowing hospitals to consolidate inventory.

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CLINICAL STUDY HIGHLIGHT: Kii Advanced Fixation Access System

Winter - Applied Medical's Kii Advanced Fixation cannula is featured in The Reviews in Obstetrics & Gynecology as a "must have"Ref and is given an overall score of 5/5.

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