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PRESS RELEASE: Applied Medical Installs Nearly Three Megawatts of Solar

June – Applied Medical announces the completion of a 2.94 megawatt (DC) solar installation, consisting of rooftop arrays on eight separate buildings at its headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. and a local distribution center. Combined, they generate almost five million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. This latest investment in solar supports the commitment Applied Medical has made to its sustainability efforts.

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MEDIA FEATURE: Do You Need a College Degree? O.C. Workforce Ramps Up High-Tech Factory Job Skills

July - …Another problem is the failure of many manufacturers to invest in their own training, with many employers preferring to rely on government-funded programs such as those at community colleges. Applied Medical Resources, which offers a highly selective, four-year apprenticeship, is a stand-out exception.

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EDUCATIONAL SYMPOSIUM: AAGL - Mastering Manual Morcellation

November - Over 150 gynecologic surgeons attended Applied Medical’s symposium, Mastering Manual Morcellation, at the 2015 AAGL Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology. A panel of experts presented on morcellation and supported attendees during an interactive workshop on techniques for contained extraction.

MEDIA FEATURE: Applied Medical Creates Custom Space for its Manufacturing

September – Applied Medical has moved its horizontal injection molding, as well as its mold and maintenance operations, to a fully remodeled state-of-the-art facility. “Nothing is standard in this facility,” Steve Davis, vice president of infrastructure operations, said during a plant tour in Lake Forest. “The whole thing is innovative.”

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MEDIA FEATURE: O.C. Manufacturing Thrives On Innovation

July - On a factory floor in Rancho Santa Margarita, Todd Egan's machine cuts through steel with measurements as precise as one-fortieth the width of a human hair. "I'm proud of my job," says Egan, who makes molds for surgical devices at Applied Medical Resources, a fast-growing firm. "Our components save lives around the world."

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EDUCATIONAL SYMPOSIUM: APIC - Reducing SSI: Take Action with Evidence

June - Applied Medical hosted Reducing SSI: Take Action with Evidence, the fourth of the Symposium Series, with over 150 attending. A panel of healthcare professionals discussed how a successful infection prevention program involves a multidisciplinary, collaborative team committed to evidence-based interventions. Speakers presented a thorough review of SSI bundles and discussed the successes of bundle development and implementation at their facilities. Materials from this Symposium Series, including study summaries and presentations, are available at


EDUCATIONAL SYMPOSIUM: ACS - Reducing SSI: What Can You Do Differently Tomorrow?

October - On October 1st, Applied hosted a symposium, "Reducing SSI: What Can You Do Differently Tomorrow?" Over 70 attendees gathered before the opening ceremony of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress to learn more about evidence-based practices to reduce SSI, such as care bundles, teamwork and wound protection. This symposium has provided a great educational forum for ACS to bring to light the hot topic of SSI, and more importantly, effective implementations to protect their patients. Materials from this symposium, including study summaries and presentations, are available at, a comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the prevention of SSI.

EDUCATIONAL SYMPOSIUM: APIC - Reducing SSI: What Can You Do Differently Tomorrow?

June - On June 6th, nearly 300 infection preventionists attended the APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology) symposium "Reducing SSI: What Can You Do Differently Tomorrow?" sponsored by Applied Medical. A panel of leading surgeons and healthcare professionals discussed the scope of the surgical site infection issue, as well as clinically proven infection prevention methods such as bundles, wound protection, teamwork, mechanical bowel preparation and antibiotics. Materials from this symposium, including study summaries and presentations, are available at, a comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the prevention of SSI.


MEDIA FEATURE: Applied Medical Garners Spot in "Top O.C. Workplaces 2011"

December - Applied Medical has again been highlighted in the Orange County Register's list of Top O.C. Workplaces 2011. Applied was featured in the "Large" company category, which included businesses with more than 1000 employees. To determine the rankings, The Register partnered with the independent firm, Workplace Dynamics, to anonymously survey thousands of employees from 119 companies across Orange County about workplace experience and company leadership. This is the 2nd time Applied has made the list as part of the top 10 large companies in the county.

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MEDIA FEATURE: Applied Medical Expands Team, Leads List of Device Makers

Applied MedicalAugust- Applied Medical is featured as one of the largest medical device companies in Orange County, CA on the Orange County Business Journal's 2011 list of medical device makers. In the past year Applied increased its local team by 24% and added more than 350 team members worldwide. Applied continues to grow as it meets the healthcare community's increasing demand for innovation, value and choice in the marketplace.

AWARD RECOGNITION: Applied Medical Granted Premier Pinnacle Award

July - Applied Medical has been honored with a Supplier Pinnacle Award at Premier Inc.'s 2011 Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition. The Pinnacle Award recognizes suppliers who have demonstrated operational and quality excellence, as well as a commitment to meeting the clinical and economic needs of Premier's members. Applied was chosen from a select group of 39 top performing organizations to receive the award, out of a pool of over 800 contracted suppliers.

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FACILITY EXPANSION: Applied Medical Adds Technology And Development Facility

July - Applied Medical announces the opening of a 52,000 square foot manufacturing and research facility. When fully operational, the multi-functional space will fulfill Applied's rapidly expanding research and operational requirements. This building brings the total square footage of Applied's Southern California headquarters to over 686,000 SF.

Applied's latest facility addition reflects the company's sustained growth as it continues to satisfy its customers' need for breakthrough technologies at a superior economic value. Since establishing its headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA in 2000, Applied has expanded its manufacturing space more than six-fold as it develops the next generation of medical devices for minimally invasive surgery.

Applied's significant investment in R&D and commitment to vertical integration has propelled Applied into one of the fastest growing laparoscopy companies in the country. Applied is now the second largest provider of trocars in the US, and holds market leadership in hand access laparoscopic procedures with approximately 85% market share (units).

Applied's rising presence in the marketplace has also led to significant team expansion. In 2010 alone, the company underwent a 14% team member increase. Applied has more than 2100 team members worldwide and over 1600 team members in Orange County. Applied is proud to be the largest employer in Rancho Santa Margarita and looks forward to being part of the community for years to come, as the company expands both locally and abroad.


FACILITY EXPANSION: Applied Medical Adds Manufacturing and Laboratory Facilities

November - Applied Medical debuts its new 125,800-square-foot "R&D1" building for additional manufacturing and laboratory space. This state-of-the-art research and development facility brings the square footage of Applied's Orange County headquarters to over 665,000 SF.

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MEDIA FEATURE: Applied Medical Growing Rapidly

October - Applied Medical is featured on the "2010 Fast-Growing Private Companies List," by the Orange County Business Journal. The article highlights Applied's remarkable 54.4% two-year revenue growth and its continued expansion. Over the past two years, Applied has increased the number of team members by approximately a third and remains the largest employer in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

MEDIA FEATURE: Applied Medical Adds Jobs

August - Applied Medical adds the most jobs among the top device makers in Orange County, according to the article "Device Makers Continue Hiring with a 3% Uptick in Workforce" in the Orange County Business Journal.

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MEDIA FEATURE: Applied Medical is a "Top Workplace"

December - Applied Medical is recognized as one of the top workplaces in Orange County by the Orange County Register. Learn more about Applied's culture and its team members.

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FINANCIAL REPORT FEATURE: Applied Medical is City's Largest Employer

June – Applied Medical is named Rancho Santa Margarita’s largest employer in the city’s 2009 Comprehensive Financial Report.

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TESTIMONY TO U.S. SENATE: Applied Medical Asks Lawmakers to Reform Laws to Benefit Patients and Healthcare

February – Said Hilal, CEO of Applied Medical, speaks at the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging to urge lawmakers to push forward with efforts to draft and enact legislation that permanently reforms unethical “quid pro quo” behavior and restores grants and research funds to their proper and constructive role in the process. Hilal notes that enacting legislation and enforcing existing laws will help benefit patients, hospitals and healthcare, and improve clinical outcomes, plus allow continued competitiveness of innovative U.S. manufacturers in world markets.

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JOINT HEARINGS IN WASHINGTON: Applied Medical Speaks Out About the Medical Device Industry’s “Closed Market”

September – Said Hilal, CEO of Applied Medical, speaks at joint hearings with the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice Division on Health Care and Competition Law and Policy about bringing a free market to the medical device industry. Hilal discusses the need to break the “bundle” – a practice used by other medical device manufacturers to prohibit competitive products from entering the market. He notes the importance of manufacturers being able to provide high quality, value-priced, innovative products for better clinical and cost outcomes.

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