Applied's Commitment to Clinical Education

Due to our belief that learning is a life-long endeavor, Applied Medical maintains a long-standing commitment to clinical training and educational programs for the surgical community. Each year, thousands of surgeons and other healthcare professionals across the globe participate in a variety of educational programs offered by Applied Medical. Our programs include comprehensive didactic and hands-on lab sessions, utilizing some of the most advanced training platforms available.

We enable training on the latest advancements in minimally invasive techniques, with a focus on improving patient outcomes. By remaining at the forefront of clinical advancements, our educational activities cover the latest techniques and technologies, while addressing the most pressing needs of the surgical community.

Symposia Overview

To support the adoption of minimally invasive surgical techniques and practices, together with leading surgeons and healthcare professionals, Applied Medical hosts symposia during clinical congresses across the world. The aim of these sessions is to inspire, educate and encourage discussion among the participants through an interactive forum where experts share their knowledge and experience with their peers.